Of Fat Cats and Mysterious Felines

Hallo Sheila, could I have a coffee, please? Ooh, I’m glad you’re open, I wasn’t sure if you would be. I decided it was time to come out of hibernation and get the circulation going with a bracing walk – but having set off, I found it wasn’t quite as nice a day as I thought, I was even glad of my windproof, waterproof layers. And then I remembered Lady G’s dramatic feline sighting… and one thought led to another… and a stroll along the river and back to the village seemed quite enough. Especially when there seemed to be some rather large pawprints in the mud. So here I am.

How are things with you? I know you’re not one to gossip, but what’s the news around and about? I don’t seem to have seen anyone lately, I expect we’ve all been wedded to our fires, duvets and computers. Is there any more news about the, er, “panther”?

And most of all, this is rather naughty of me, but I keep wondering whether [whispers] our Sir Fred is still Sir? And what would it mean for Lady G? I don’t really feel I can ask her directly, do you? But has anyone said anything, or is it mentioned in the Weekly? I mean, if one Fred loses his title – or, as I saw it somewhere, is “sircumcised” – what about his alter ego, is he similarly altered? I keep hoping all will become clear, but so far there’s just a tactful silence. And you know me, never one to remain tactfully silent for long 😉 Do tell, if you’ve heard anything!

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8 Responses to Of Fat Cats and Mysterious Felines

  1. Sheila Clarke says:

    Good to see you, Lissa. Yes, we are open, although Neville is still talking about reducing our opening hours.
    Fortunately a nice sunny day like today does bring a lot of people out for a walk, desperate for some fresh air and a dose of vitamin D after being cooped up indoors.
    Then, like yourself, they discover that ‘outdoors’ is a bit chillier than they anticipated and pop in here for a nice warm drink. That’ll cheer Neville up a bit.
    Here’s your coffee. Unfortunately there hasn’t been much gossip, other than a tale Sylvia heard about a pet rabbit going missing and speculation that it might have served as a snack for ‘The Beast’.
    Nothing at all about Sir Fred. I didn’t even know there was a possibility of him being demoted. Has he been up to something he shouldn’t? (More so than his usual naughtiness I mean). I thought he was a good friend of the ChiefConstable – or is he just Lady G’s friend ?;

    • listenhere2 says:

      Well not that I know of – but then we probably wouldn’t know if he was up to something, would we, until well afterwards. It’s just that the other (original?) Sir Fred G was stripped of his knighthood for services to banking, so….

      • Rosie says:

        Well, I hadn’t wanted to raise such a delicate subject, Lissa, but since you mention it ….
        I imagine that if Sir Fred has been “Sircumcised”. (love it!) it might explain his prolonged absence. I shouldn’t think he dares to confront Godiva face to face. Nobody is going to take his wealth away from him, which is probably more important to him than the title. On the other hand, I suspect that the title is possibly almost as important to Lady Goodwinge as her emeralds…
        Best not to mention it, I feel. She’ll always be Lady G to us, whatever happens, won’t she?

      • Personally I feel that, even if Sir Fred is down-graded, there isn’t a person alive that would think of reclassifiying Lady G’s taxonomy…

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